Psychotherapy as the Unfolding of Who You Are

Most of us do not live from our authentic self; nor do we feel a pervasive sense of well being. Having experienced conditional acceptance from others, we learn not to accept ourselves as we are. We maintain a false self-image that has been constructed to compensate for a lack of self worth, and we spend our time trying to become better, making ourselves over into what we think we should be. Impatiently avoiding, experiencing ourselves as we are in the moment, we leave no space to discover who we really are beneath our self-delusion.

Psychotherapy based on self-inquiry can release you from the facades that you have adopted in order to protect a self-image that is less than satisfying, so that you can live authentically with a sense of presence and ease. The shift from trying to get to a better experience, to opening to what is, here and now, brings us into an experience of presence and easy of being.

Comments from Clients

Working with Dr. Allan Ajaya has changed my life. The caring, loving, compassionate presence of him let me explore myself on another level than ever before. The new possibilities opening because of our work together has offered me an easier, richer, deeper, more connected life. I would recommend him to people who are interested in a more fulfilled, abundant, and connected way of living.

I am a psychotherapist, supervisor for other therapists, and an administrator in mental health. I have been working with Dr. Ajaya for several years and have benefited in so many ways. A current throughout our work is his deep acceptance of 'what is' and nurturing that acceptance in me. At the same time, he is playful and creative in helping me explore ways to change patterns, to dance the dance of suffering in new ways. He is deeply intuitive and empathic. He has also been extraordinarily flexible and open in helping me with a very wide range of issues. These range from everyday problems at work to identity exploration to spiritual opening. He has guided me in tuning in to natural well-being, which has helped me realize it is available to all of us. I highly recommend him to anyone --especially those interested in acceptance of self and discovery of the Self.

My wife and I sat in a session with Allan and we were able to explore issues in an open, trusting and authentic setting. As Allan created an atmosphere where “nothing is broken” he helped me realize there was nothing to be fixed and any previous resistance was greeted with a sense of allowance. My understanding of my relationship with my wife has been greatly enhanced due to our time with Allan.

From a lifetime of muddy vision and muddy direction I had come to a point for the need of self discovery... since I couldn't see out, I needed to look in. In one session, Dr. Allan led me to a place where I began to cleanse my view of life and to feel a dramatic shift in my life's spiritual awareness- both conscious and subconscious. Immediately I experienced more joy and my wife and kids became more joyful and open as well.

Being brought up in a social system that has been difficult for me to navigate and to be joyful in, I was at my wits end with my wife, my business partner, and most of all myself. This is when my unsaid prayers were answered, and I was introduced to Dr. Allan. From that first session my love for life and the world around me shifted and continues to grow daily. Over the past year and a half, I've met with Dr. Allen by myself, with my wife, and with my business partner and with every visit I gain awareness. His kind and delicate methods allowed me to find little golden nuggets of self awareness such as unconditional love... the core of who I am.

With this new awareness, both my wife and I have embraced this opportunity (together and apart) to explore and grow together in this spiritual awakening while loving the evolution of awareness and self confidence. In this short 1 1/2 years we are re-learning how to Be in the moment while removing the conditions we have lived under in the past. Thank you Dr. Allan for all that you are!

Dr. Ajaya's level of compassion and understanding helped ease me through a difficult time in my life. His wisdom and presence are unparalled. I would recoommend Dr. Ajaya to anyone looking to understand their way of being in a way that reveals one's authentic self.